Tips For a More Sustainable Life

So many people today are asking themselves “What does it mean to live a sustainable life?”

As described by Wikipedia, “sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earths natural resources, and one’s personal resources.”

On the surface, it can be incredibly daunting to reduce your environmental footprint, especially when you see that others around you are not doing their part.

But when you break it down into small steps, you realize you have more power than you thought!

Today we’re giving you some tips into how you can start making incremental changes to your lifestyle and make an impact!

1. Remember to use your reusable shopping bags

2. Use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting

3. Turn off your devices at night, including your wifi box

4. Join a “buy nothing” group in your community

5. Get a water-saving showerhead

6. Bike or ride-share to work

7. Participate in co-opting

8. Reduce your single use plastic consumption

9. Buy your produce in bulk from your local farmer’s markets

10. Support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious

Even though this is just a brief list of the thousands of things we can be doing every day to be conservative with our planet, we hope that this is inspirational and a jumping-off point!

Here at, we have decided as a team to bring wellness door to door the eco-friendly way by enlisting an entire fleet of all-electric vehicles! Making it our mission to be net-zero emissions and be a kinder brand to the planet.

Learn more about our sustainable mobile delivery mission here.

What steps are you taking to be a more sustainable member here on earth? Comment below and tell us!

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