National Bikini Day Sun Exposure Deserves a Luxurious After Sun Care Routine
What a week we've been having so far. Exciting Independence Day celebrations followed by the sun and fun of National Bikini Day. It felt amazing to get out yesterday, without our masks, or our clothes. If you did #NationalBikiniDay right, your skin got a lot exposure to the sun yesterday.


Yes, I'm sure you wore your sunscreens to protect your sun from over exposure like the responsible person that you are. But did you know that your skin needs after sun care even if you didn't get tan or burned by the sun? The damage of sun exposure can accumulate over time, leading to skin that looks prematurely aged. It can cause wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, and other issues as well as pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. The good news is that, in addition to wearing your sunscreen, there are products you can use to treat some of the symptoms caused by sun exposure. [1]

This marketplace is full of so many amazing skin care products for you discover, I'm here to help you narrow down the search. From sunburn skin treatment creams to exfoliants that freshen up your outer layer of skin, this list has the essentials for your summer after skin care routine. 

For the record, I am a fair-skinned, blond-haired human with blue eyes, so sun I limit my sun exposure and always wear sunscreen. Sadly, as a child this was not always the case, and sometimes I would be grounded for not wearing my sun hat at the pool. Yes my mother was serious enough about sun exposure that grounding happened. Regardless, there were many beach days that resulted in painful sunburns where I would end the day covered in vinegar, which was apparently the sunburn skin treatment cream of the 80's. Thanks mom. 

Not for the vinegar bath, but for motivating me to protect my skin from the effects of the sun while I am still young. Here are my picks, from our marketplace, to keep your skin looking young and supple this summer. 

  • Hydra Rich Face Cream -  I use this cream on my sun-exposed face, neck and chest to provide intense moisture and prevent damage caused by UV rays, dehydration, and loss of elasticity. It's truly luxurious and has soothing properties that not only make skin appear smoother and reduce signs of aging, but also alleviate irritated skin & improve moisture retention.  
  • After Sun Hydrating Serum - This serum provides a delightfully warm golden glow that makes my skin soft and supple after a day in the sun. Its luxurious blend of natural oils restores essential nutrients, relieves sun burn and alleviates dry skin. Comes in 3 wonderful varieties:  citrus, cool coconut, and fragrance free. 
  • Botanical Beauty Oil - After a day at the beach, your skin needs hydration galore and this oil is the perfect solution. Feel instantly hydrated with a visible glow from just a few drops. This antioxidant-rich formula delivers deep hydration, nourishment, and powerful age-fighting benefits. 
  • Essentials Natural Aloe Vera Gel - Even when I take all the sun protection measures possible, over-exposure sometimes happens. That's when I use this soothing pure aloe gel with antioxidants to optimize my skin's natural repair process while reducing signs of redness and sensitivity. It's perfect for soothing after sun, minimizing the look of blemishes, and delivering an overall boost to skin's defense system. 
  • Hydra Whip Exfoliant - Even the best creams, oils and serums can't do for your skin what a great  exfoliant does. Especially after prolonged sun exposure, I want to detox and purify my skin to ensure that my moisture routine sinks in to the fullest. I love this product's finely ground walnut shells that gently polish and wash away dead skin cells, leaving my skin smooth, clear and lightly moisturized.

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