Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies


Who knew there where so many ways to feel good and find deep focus naturally??

In our guide for you today, we’re unpacking the several herbs and extracts the nutritionists and herbalists recommend highly when wanting to find a natural way to get that extra boost for your day.

Rosemary Oil

Known lovingly as “the herb of remembrance”, diffusing rosemary or simply smelling the extract helps to support memory and cognition over time. Researched as an antioxidant powerhouse, rosemary extract has been in connection to adult memory studies as well as Alzheimrs studies.

Ginseng Extract

A small root with mighty benefits! Known for its natural ability to increase performance as well as even fight infection, this adaptogen-rich tonic boosts energy levels with key compounds that light up brain activity naturally.

Green Tea/Matcha

Revered for centuries for its similar life-enhancing properties to ginseng, green tea in its many forms is known for its natural caffeine levels and L-theanine compounds that produce together “an alert calm” - aka, great energy without the crashes or gitters!

Citrus Oil Blends

Feeling some mid-day brain fog take over? Deeply inhaling or diffusing your favorite citrus blends is known for its quick ability to bring clarity and alertness to your mind while promoting your ability to refocus.

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