Wellness Week: Meet Ryan the Co-Founder of Bondi Morning

At Bondi Morning, they celebrate the idea of 'waking up with energy'. They offer a range of high quality nutritional health supplements, that are uniquely tailored to help combat a lack of energy and transform the way you live your life.

From the calmness of early morning to the chaos of daily life, you can live each day with more power and vitality, doing more of the things you love!

They believe a better mood, leads to a better mindset. A better mindset leads to better habits. And better habits lead to the consistent actions required to maintain a healthier body and way of life.

Their range of health supplements, together with a balanced lifestyle, regular outdoor exercise, and improved nutrition and sleep, are exactly the tools you need to gain more energy.

In celebration of World Health Day, we sat down with Ryan, one of their founders, to discuss all things Bondi Morning and the future of wellness. 

Q: What was the need you saw in the market, your community, or your day-to-day life that made you want to start this company?

Answer: I’m Ryan. I’m from Bondi Beach, Australia’s most iconic beach, synonymous with sea, sand and the sunkissed Australian way of life. 

The day begins early here... 

When most people envision their dream lives, they see themselves in a place like this. It’s not just a location. It’s a happy state of being. 

When you gaze out onto Bondi Beach at sunrise, you’ll see people of all ages who have one thing in common: They’re in love with life. 

They embrace a healthier morning routine with physical activities like surfing, swimming, yoga, kayaking, outdoor workouts and walking their pets. 

They take the time to slow down, breathe fresh air and meditate. 

They wake up with the sun, and they do it with joy and energy. It’s simply intoxicating! 

My dad Jeff and I started our Bondi Morning brand because we wanted to share this way of life with the world. We wanted to help people discover a better way of living, and in doing so, help them feel better. 

According to our early research, supplement takers worldwide were seeking to gain more energy as a top priority. That motivated us to celebrate the idea of 'Waking Up With Energy' and bring people that feeling of wellness, freshness and vitality; to inspire them to reach out and catch their own wave - wherever they are.

Q: How do you define wellness and why is it important to you?

A: For us, wellness is about energy, harmony and happiness. 

When people have more energy, they are more in control of the way they live their life. From the calmness of early morning to the chaos of daily life, they can live each day with more power and vitality, doing more of the things they love. 

We believe a better mood, leads to a better mindset. A better mindset leads to better habits. And better habits lead to the consistent actions required to maintain a healthier mind and body, and a more balanced way of life.

When it comes to wellness, we believe people should be looking at their health as a big, interconnected picture. So often we’re encouraged to treat our symptoms as they come up and ignore any underlying issues. 

But we should be treating our bodies as a whole, harmonious system. This gives us the confidence to trust our intuition, identify when something is wrong, and advocate for our own health. 

Maintaining energy, harmony and balance is important to us because it enables one to ultimately lead a happier, more fulfilling life; paving the way for growth as an individual, with a more secure future.

Q: What does the future of wellness look like to you?

A: The future of wellness is about taking personal ownership over your health outcomes with a more holistic and preventative approach. 

When you consider the future of wellness, it offers a truly positive and exciting outlook. 

For us, the rapid and tremendous growth of the industry proves that wellness has finally become mainstream. We believe this will continue to make wellness more accessible to the masses and popularise it via experts, influencers, governments, health care industry, communities and social networks. 

This evolution has gone a long way to bringing wellness to life, and we should see greater popularisation of key issues, trends and lifestyle choices, as well the growth and accessibility of treatments and preventative options. 

The industry will continue to attract more attention, investment and innovation. With this, we’ll see an increase in overall standards, science, sustainability and accountability, which will lead to an increase in evidence-based ingredients, products and services. 

Furthermore, this will force the convergence of healthcare and wellness, with a more holistic, lifestyle-orientated approach to improving our quality of life, managing our everyday health challenges and enhancing our world. 

Wellness will become ever more sexy, believable and aspirational. As will clean and ethical living. 

For people everywhere, self-care and proactive health-wellness maintenance will be proven, popular and possible.

For those wanting to return to basics to deal with modern stress leveraging natural skills such as breathing, movement, meditation and spirituality - or for those wanting to experiment or bio-hack with modern modalities and ingredients to personalise a more integrated health-wellness experience, the message has never before been so clear: You can take control of your health and your life. You can feel better and happy. You can live in harmony. And you can wake up with energy.

Q: How did Covid - 19 affect your business and how did you overcome any obstacles your company had over the past year?

A: Without doubt, we’ve seen how Covid-19 has driven overall interest in the health and wellness category, with customers looking to support their immune health, gain more energy, boost overall wellness and reduce anxiety. 

This has been notably influenced by the many doctors and medical professionals, who have shifted their thinking about nutritional supplements, and have started to recommend the use of natural ingredients for their immunity-boosting power. 

Throughout this pandemic, our customers have tended to be more proactive in dealing with existing health concerns or practicing a more active approach to preventing disease or overall health-wellness maintenance. 

We believe that people have lived through a deep human experience, which has highlighted potential vulnerability during their lifetime. This experience has unearthed many important lessons such as: 

● Being more human again 

● Preparing for the unexpected 

● Goody hygiene leading to better health 

● Gaining more energy 

● The power of prevention 

● How our mind matters 

● The importance of relationship 

● The natural benefits of being outdoors 

● Experimenting for wellbeing 

● How uncertainty breeds new opportunity 

As a business we too have embraced the past year by responding proactively in several ways. 

We’ve launched three new products, all formulated around supporting immune health and boosting overall energy. These include our Emergency Immune Defense, Elderberry and Mushroom 10X Blend capsules. 

Q: What Bondi Morning product do you use most?

A: As a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen a lift in standards within the nutritional supplements industry, which has demanded new evidence of ingredients, formulations and manufacturing quality. We’ve responded to compliance and regulatory requirements by submitting our products for independent lab and stability testing to verify contents and quality. 

From a logistics perspective, we have had some challenges reaching our distributors across the globe, but we’ve sought to manage relationships and expectations, by providing a more hands-on and flexible approach to getting them the inventory and regulatory support they need. 

In terms of customer relationships, we have embraced new channels and formulated new ways of reaching our customers to help combat a general lack of advice at a personal level, and provide more certainty around which products are best for their needs. We’ve achieved this by nurturing relationships, listening and gathering audience intelligence, and developing strategic products, offers and content to meet their needs. 

For me, it’s our Ashwagandha capsules. I'm an active father and an early-rising entrepreneur. As an ancient medicinal herb, ashwagandha provides a subtle yet consistent daily way of reducing my cortisol levels and improving my glucose metabolism. This works well for managing everyday stress and anxiety as well as helping to fuel my brain to increase both mental energy and physical performance. 

For Jeff, it’s our Berberine capsules. He is a Type 2 diabetic who is regularly required to monitor his blood glucose levels. Berberine offers a powerful and effective natural alternative to lowering blood sugar. This enables him to take better control of his health, manage weight loss, and reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.

Q: What was the toughest product to get out on the market and why?

A: For us, it was challenging to launch and grow our Ultra Blend capsules. This product has weight loss at its core. It’s a blend of ingredients, primarily formulated to curb food cravings (snack less between meals) and increase energy - which are two vital components of wellness. Weight management is a really complex, highly competitive and ever-more regulated industry. It’s sophisticated yet rudimentary at the same time. 

Solutions vary from diet plans to supplements, to diet experts and medical professionals. While there are a ton of available options, there are also many false claims and big promises. For this reason, customers in this space are often misinformed and are looking for rapid short-term solutions and results. They are left dissatisfied due to mismatched expectations. 

And therein lies the challenge: to communicate effectively, within the regulatory constraints, that our product offers a more natural, gradual, and healthy way to manage weight loss - that will also rely on broader habit changes and lifestyle improvements

Q: What advice do you wish you had received before starting your business?

A: When we started our business, we were so focussed on what our vision was and what we were setting out to achieve. Helping people across the world to wake up with energy is a significant and rewarding mission. But the reality is that the majority of people have become accustomed to self-gratification and quick-fix solutions. Their lives and decisions are made complex, yet their health challenges, more often than not, require simple discipline and basic behaviour modification. They have real consequences and yet they're grasping at straws to find solutions, and are demotivated by options that don’t work. 

While we’re in the business of selling vitamins and supplements, we’re really in the business of trying to sell the idea that a better life is possible. Therefore, our brand Bondi Morning is for anyone out there who is ready to make a change and start feeling better. Our success depends on their commitment to health and change. 

And so the advice I wish I had received earlier was to peel back the layers at first to identify and focus on those potential customers who really wanted to feel better and committed themselves to wellness. Those who were serious about making a change and just needed help reaching the finish line. 

Instead of trying to educate and inspire the masses, we could have focussed on their needs and built more upfront momentum, gained better product/market fit, and achieved results quicker for those serious about their quest for health.

Q: What would you say to someone looking to live a more sustainable, natural, and clean lifestyle?

A: If a person was more conscious about maximising natural energy consumption and natural resource efficiency, it would help them establish an incredible discipline for taking ownership of their health and wellbeing and managing their own energy at a personal level. 

We believe that living a more sustainable way of life would provide for a deeper understanding of how the state of the environment affects your health and your life. It would help you to really grasp the importance of taking care of the planet, sharing it with other inhabitants, and preserving the natural benefits for future generations. It would teach control and moderation as a means to abundance and prosperity. 

We would recommend that living a clean and natural lifestyle is a sure way of attaining increased physical health and fitness, improving life balance, and gaining more control over your mindset, mental state, and overall well being. 

Ultimately, we’d see this way of life as a means to alleviating stress, disease and loneliness, and helping you to discover more purpose for your life. It would help you feel better by providing you with a more positive mental, emotional and physical state, enabling you to do more of the things you love.

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