Wellness Week: Meet rellies

Rellies fine tunes moods and experiences using natural terpene blends tailored to help you find your sweet spot.

Not sure what terpenes are? That's easy! Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that give fruits, flowers and herbs their aromas that you love, and continue to be studied for mental and emotional benefits.

In celebration of World Health Day, we sat down with one of rellies founders to discuss all things rellies, terpenes and the future of wellness. 

Q: What was the need in the market that rellies seeks to address?

Answer: Our team saw great products designed to help people invest in bodily health with a maintenance approach. These products let you incorporate a supplement into your routine and create long-term positive impacts for your body. But when it came to mood support, we thought that kind of product was underrepresented, and instead saw a lot of "intervention products". In our view, those intervention products overpower the body's systems with concentrated doses or complex ingredients that have a short-term impact. We believed the time to take a supplement for mood support is before you feel the need for it. We wanted to introduce a "maintenance" supplement that uses basic compounds to support the conditions in our body that promote the mood and mental function we want without hijacking our internal systems. Rellies uses basic building block compounds known as terpenes to offer people mood support products like our CALM, FOCUS and JOY tinctures and shots.    

Q: What do you think people should know about terpenes?

A: First, terpenes are already a part of your life. They're ubiquitous in plants, and are big drivers for the smells each plant has. Like the smell of a lemon? That's the terpene limonene. Or the smell of lavender? That's linalool. Second, they're not just there for their aroma. Lots of research has been done around the impact certain terpenes have on things like mood or even healing and pain relief.

Q: What are examples specifically of how researchers are investigating terpenes?

A: Researchers have studied the interaction between terpenes and serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and GABA activity, key players in the regulation of our nervous and endocrine systems.  

Q: How do you define wellness and why is it important to you?

A: Wellness to rellies is about knowing and investing in your body to give it what it needs so that it can give you what you need. That means making informed choices to create the conditions that support the best outcomes, both physically and mentally. We want people to be able to do that with simple, natural compounds. 

Q: What does the future of wellness look like to you?

A: We think intervention medicine produces fantastic outcomes that can often be customized to you individually to maximize the impact of treatments. Investment-based health is growing more mainstream, but we see a future world where the investment-based health model is truly equal to the intervention-based model. To us, that means we continue to grow our understanding of how the body's systems work, how bodily systems can differ between people, and markets offer broadly available consumer products that make it easy for people to proactively manage their mind and body to a healthy steady state.    

Q: What was the toughest product to get out on the market and why?

A: Even though terpenes have been studied for a long time for their impact on mind and body, most people are still unfamiliar with them. So our big challenge isn't with a single product, but with educating people on both the power of these natural compounds and their ability to be a cornerstone of an "investment over intervention" framework for wellness. We're really excited to be educating people on the power of terpenes, and offering an easy way to access them in our tinctures and shots. 

Q: What would you say to someone looking to live a more sustainable, natural, and clean lifestyle?

A: Small changes you can keep are better than big changes you can't. If you can make a new habit that'll last you years and will be good for you, your community, or your planet, it's better than doing something drastic only once. Investment over intervention.

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