Good State | Liquid Ionic Zinc Ultra Concentrate | 2 oz.

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Good State | Zinc | 1.6 fl oz/ 50 mL Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Ultra Concentrate. Supports Over 200 Chemical and Enzymatic Productions in Your Body

- Z is the last letter in the alphabet, which means it often receives little or no attention. Yet Z is the first letter in the word “zinc.” How much thought have you ever given to it?

- Zinc helps support your nervous system

- It helps with the metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, along with proper assimilation of vitamins

- Zinc can help to support and maintain normal growth, development, and maintenance of your body tissues, sexual function and immune system



Zinc helps support over 200 Chemical and Enzymatic Productions in Your Body!



Ingredients: zinc from zinc sulfate, ultra pure water

Active Ingredients: Ionic Zinc from ionized zinc sulfateOther Ingredients - Ultra Pure Water


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