Love Rooibos | Tagless Teabags | 80 ct.

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4 x Silver Foil Pouches containing 20 (2.5g) Tagless Organic Rooibos Teabags Our tea is 100% organic and is picked at the perfect point of maturation. It’s then rigorously tested throughout the entire process to ensure that it’s not only delicious but healthy too. Enjoy a cup of rooibos with or without milk, with a squeeze of lemon juice or an added drop of honey. You can also serve it hot or cold. Because it is low in tannins, the tea won’t become bitter as it sits, so you can steep the bag as long as you wish for the perfect flavor, typically between two and five minutes.


HEALTHY TEA FOR ANY TIME: Ditch caffeine drinks that can fill you with anxiety, give you the jitters and disrupt your sleep. Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free and may improve your quality of sleep. It’s also suitable to enjoy during pregnancy. ORGANIC FARM DIRECT: Our red rooibos tea is 100% organic, rich in antioxidants, and GMO-free. And because it’s farm direct, you can depend on the extra level of care and quality that goes into each batch. It’s keto-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, zero-calorie and is low in tannins. Pure product, pure bliss. QUALITY CONTROLLED: The tea is steam-sterilized at high temperatures and thoroughly tested throughout each processing stage for moisture content. We focus on making sure that the antioxidants are preserved while still ensuring that it’s safe for consumption. We also only use oxygen-bleached bags. DRINK FOR A GOOD CAUSE: When you drink Love Rooibos tea, you’re helping to support a valuable cause. Poaching and habitat loss are huge detriments to the rhino population, that’s why a percentage of each sale goes towards ensuring that these beautiful animals are kept protected.


100% Pure organic rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) Including antioxidants Aspalathin, Nothofagin.

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