Good State | Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals | 8 oz

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Good State | Trace Minerals, Nano-Ionic. Professional Grade. Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals Comes From Marine Macroalgae and Kelp That’s 27 Million Years Old. This supplement contains high levels of natural minerals and calcium salts that have been extracted from the sea, and then concentrated through decomposition over time. Macroalgae sea beds offer a unique and potent blend of natural minerals and calcium salts called kelzyme. Kelzyme has high quantities of easier-to-digest and faster-absorbing calcium oxide. Kelzyme also has a unique mineral source that has over 72 beneficial liquid ionic minerals and trace minerals in natural balance and allows your body to rapidly use these vital nutrients.


72 different minerals, found naturally.
This product is a great baseline product for those looking to support their diet.


Ionic Trace Minerals (consists of naturally occusring varying amounts of ionic minerals), double reverse osmosis water, sorbic acid, citric acid

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