RevealU Skincare | Face & Body Acne | 16 oz

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Powerful all-natural cleanser, wash and mask RevealU Skincare Face & Body Cleanse can be used as a powerful cleanser or mask for face and body. Great for for acne prone skin, gentle enough for skin with sensitive issue and skin irritations. Filled with amazing and powerful minerals from the earth, 24k gold flakes and Charcoal which accelerates a natural ion exchange that helps draw out impurities for a clear complexion. Working deep to clear out dirt and impurities from skin. Hydrates and refreshes skin so you won’t feel dried out after you use it. Gently for everyday use it will moisturizes your skin, making it soft, supple, and healthy.


Powerful natural gel cleanser for acne prone skin
Cleanser that draws out impurities for a clear complexion
Best for acne prone skin, gentle enough for sensitive skin
Uses as a whole body skincare product and daily facial


Spring Water(infused with ions of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc), 24k Gold flakes, Charcoal, TEOA, Carbomer.

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