Rasa | Bold | Audacious Energy Tonic | 8oz

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Formulation, at its best, creates an herbal product far greater than the individual herbs. And sometimes, far greater than what you thought you’d accomplish. Thanks to 9 adaptogenic herbs in their clinically-studied effective doses, BOLD potentiates your empowered, confident, best self. Rich, smooth, and potent with a hint of cacao.


Deep energy
A potent comprehensive formula designed for all of us navigating this intense modern world


Roasted burdock, chicory, & dandelion roots; cacao, shatavari, codonopsis, eleuthero, he shou wu, eleuthero extract, rhodiola extract, Ceylon cinnamon, cordyceps extract, lions mane extract, schisandra extract, gynostemma extract, shilajit extract, chaga, <1% cassava dextrin as a necessary processing agent so the extracts don't get all clumpy. Zero caffeine

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