Bondi Morning | Vitamin K2 + D3 Supplement | 60 Capsules

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Bondi Morning Vitamin K2 + D3 capsules may improve heart and bone health and improve mood. The K2 vitamin improves vitamin D3 absorption and allows your body to use calcium. The health supplement may help your body maintain the recommended calcium levels in the bone. K2 vitamin regulates vitamin D3 absorption by ensuring your body stores it in the bones, not in the blood vessels and soft tissues. People with joint pain and stiffness due to certain medical conditions may find some relief by taking the Vitamin K2 + D3 regularly. The supplement may strengthen your bones and muscles, prevent you from developing arthritis or osteoporosis, and delay bone issues due to age. With Vitamin K2 + D3, your joint pain may disappear altogether.


- Healthy bone and heart support - Boosts immune function - Blood circulation assistance - Boosts energy levels


5000IU Vitamin D3, 100mcg Vitamin K2 (mk-7), 210mcg Calcium and 5mg BioPerine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract) per serving. Inactive Ingredients: Cellulose (Vegetable Capsule).

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