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It is the only 100% vegan prescription-grade supplement which contains ingredients that enhance the immune system response, and support the whole body’s healthy inflammation response. Riboflam delivers the maximum dosage of immune boosting nutrients into your bloodstream using Phytosome technology. With Riboflam you can stay in the game and discover the secrets of world-class Italian athletes. Bruno MD created Riboflam for everyone who likes to move, at any fitness level at any stage in life. Riboflam works naturally to soothe aches and pains after an intense workout or a casual stroll in the piazza with friends. It contains Nucleoflam proprietary nucleotides and nucleosides Yeast Extract Complex, Astaxanthin & Curcumin Phytosome.


• Riboflam is designed for a healthy immune response and to help guard against chronic inflammation for a lifetime. • Immune system booster. 100% vegan dietary Nucleoflam Proprietary Nucleotides and Nucleosides Yeast Extract Complex helps maintain and boost immune system functionality. • Our clinically proven ingredients have undergone over 30 clinical trials. Its ingredients have been shown to improve immune system health in patients. It has also been shown to successfully decrease the amount of pain caused by exercise 16-fold. • Astaxanthin and Riboflam Proprietary Complex stimulate overall immune health. Unlike the majority of other solutions that only provide temporary relief, the ingredients in Riboflam are 100% powered by Madre Terra (Mother Earth) to help maintain the immune system functionality. • Curcumin delivered with Phytosome technology is clinically proven to promote a healthy inflammation response throughout your body and pain relief from strenuous activity. It also helps control inflammation which naturally boosts your immune system. • Riboflam contains clinically proven ingredients to promote a healthy immune response, a healthy inflammation response & relief from exercise related pain*. Other benefits include: o Helps maintain the immune system functionality* o Enhances immune response* o Modulates immune response* o Supports the whole body’s healthy inflammation response* o Supports mental health* o Supports cognition, mental clarity, and focus* o Helps maintain the performance of social and emotional functions & maintains liver health* • The Quality of Our Key Ingredients o When it comes to ingredients, Bruno MD looks first to what we can grow in Italy. Our unique soil and climate nurture crops with extraordinary, clinically proven healing properties! If we can’t find it here, Bruno MD searches the world for ingredients that live up to the same standards. All natural Ingredients: we prioritizes organic ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers. This guarantees that Riboflam features the highest concentration of pure ingredients. • ADVANCED PHYTOSOME TECHNOLOGY o With Phytosome, RIBOFLAM’s ingredients are more readily available for your body to absorb and use. Ultra-Bioavailable means this product is formulated with Phytosome Technology. A 100% food-grade ingredient transport system that delivers the highest concentration of vital nutrients where your body needs them in their most potent form. Phytosomes are used to naturally promote the solubility of poorly bioavailable active natural ingredients and their abilities to cross biological barriers, leading to significant improvements in bioavailability and thus biological activity. o 100% Vegan: Riboflam is 100% vegan; the supplement is made completely out of plant-based ingredients right down to the capsules. This allows everyone to take the supplement no matter your personal dietary or religious restrictions.


Riboflam proprietary phytosome complex (Phospholipids from sunflower lethicin): Turmeric extract (curcuma longa), Indian frankincense extarct (boswellia serrata - gum resin), Narrow-leaved Coneflower extract (echinacea angustifolia - root), Nucleoflam proprieta

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