CBD Salve | 2oz

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Catskills Comfrey ~ CBD blend is a topically-applied palliative for muscle and joint pain. Comfrey, arnica and CBD. Three anti-inflammatory herbs. This is natural healing at its most potent. Comfrey and CBD both target muscle and joint pain, reinforcing each other’s effect; arnica reduces bruising and is frequently recommended by surgeons during the immediate post-surgery phase. The included comfrey is an anti-inflammatory, ideal, too, for treating sore muscles and healing broken bones and sprains.


Each jar contains 200mg CBD per oz. of ointment and less-than-0.30% THC [The 2oz jar contains 400mg CBD.]
Joint and Muscle Pain (eg, Parkinson’s Disease)
Acne, Cold Sore, Dry & Cracked Skin
Rashes, eg, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Poison Ivy


fractionated coconut oil, Greek olive oil, comfrey, arnica, CBD (400mg full-spectrum), beeswax

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