Codeage | Fermented Turmeric | 90 ct

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Organic turmeric formula infused with curcumin 95% standard curcuminoids. Codeage formula also features black pepper, ginger, apple cider vinegar ashwagandha, boswellia and stephania. Fermented for bioavailability and with liposomal delivery.


Fermented turmeric curcumin with organic essential oils and digestive bitters
Adaptogenic herbs rooted in Ayurveda (ashwagandha, boswellia, ginger, stephania)
Fermented to help turn the key nutrients within turmeric, the curcuminoids into activated living forms
Curcmumin; one of the many curcuminoids within turmeric can be transformed into a compound called tetrahydrocurcumin


Organic Broad Spectrum Turmeric Blend: Fermented Turmeric (Rhizome; Curcuma longa), Turmeric Extract (Rhizome; Curcuma longa, Std. to 95% Curcumin),Turmeric Extract (Rhizome; Curcuma longa), Turmeric CO2 Extract (Rhizome, Curcuma longa), Organic Fermented Botanical Blend: Fermented Black Pepper Powder (Fruit; Piper nigrum), Fermented Ginger Powder (Root), Fermented Long Pepper Powder (Fruit; Piper longum), Fermented Sprouted Cumin Seed Extract, Fermented Black Pepper Oil (Fruit; Piper nigrum), Fermented Ginger CO2 Extract (Root), Ashwagandha Extract (Root; Leaf; Withania somnifera), Boswellia Extract (Boswellia serrata), Stephania Extract (Root; Stephania tetrandra), Fermented Reishi Fruiting Bodies Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Organic Fermented Bitter Botanical Blend: Fermented Milk Thistle Extract (Seed), Fermented Dandelion Leaf Extract,Fermented Peppermint Leaf Extract, Fermented Peppermint Leaf Oil

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