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Freedomwand Ultimate Kit - Self Wiping Aid With Easy Release - Shower & Shave Aid - Portable, Extendable Toilet Aid For Disabled, Seniors, Handicapped, Little People, Recovering From Hip Replacement


MULTIPUPROSE TOILET HYGIENE AIDE & WIPING WAND - Easily grips & releases toilet paper, wet wipes, razors, sponges, wash clothes, pads, shower loofahs and many other items, making it the ultimate tool for cleaning your bottom & maintaining hygiene EXTENDABLE & PORTABLE BATHROOM AID - Use the included parts to achieve lengths of 14", 18" or 22". Purchase additional 4" extensions for more options. Includes toilet aid privacy carry bag for discreet travel. Truly a great medical aid for bathroom help. SMALLEST TIP ON ANY TOILETING AIDS FOR WIPING - Tip is small for comfortable entry into hard to reach or tight body crevasses unlike other cumbersome toilet aides. Consider this a true buddy for your bottom that you won't find uncomfortable using SELF WIPE TOILET AID WITH SUPERIOR GRIP & RELEASE - Minimal strength required to grab & release toilet paper or tissue paper. 3 prongs at the tip are made of soft grippy material to hold items in place easily but realse with the flick of a finger. Release won't get stuck like other products. EASY TO HOLD & OPERATE, LONG REACH TOILET PAPER AID - Soft, grippy green rubber handle is easy to hold, but is even easier with adjustable size black band to ensure the Freedomwand never falls. Ideal for individuals & seniors (elderly) with weak grip strength.

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