MINTBIOLOGY | KOA Elite All in One Fascial Massage Tool

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Deeply massage, relax tight sore muscles, enhance recovery, temporarily reduce cellulite appearance & more! INSTANT MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF - Effortlessly Massage every part of your body and dig deep into tight fascia with the best All in One self massager for ultimate pain relief. It’s like having a portable foam roller, muscle stick, hook cane, & massage balls combined into one KOA tool. YOUR MASSAGE THERAPIST ON DEMAND - Patented ergonomic design mimicking the fingers, hands, & elbows gives versatile, precise control of pressure and placement. Durable construction ensures long term reliability.


- Ergonomic design

- Mimicks the fingers, hands, & elbows

- Allows for precise control of pressure and placement

- Durable construction ensures long-term reliability - Great for on-the-go relief and travel

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