Liquid Ionic Boron | 8 oz

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Good State | Ionic Boron | 96 5mg servings, plus 2mg fulvic acid | 8 fl oz. Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Natural.Boron, Brains & Bones. The absorption of calcium can be limited without boron, so if you are getting in your daily RDA of 1,200mg, but your body absorbs only part of it, that’s not good for aging and stiff bones. Boron also helps strengthen both magnesium and vitamin D in your body. That’s good news and peace of mind for those of you who aren’t getting in enough of these nutrients. If you keep forgetting where you parked at the mall, or if you lose attention during a conversation or watching TV, try Liquid Ionic Boron Ultra Concentrate to see for yourself.


Good State's Ionic Boron is broken down to under a nanometer in size for maximum absorption into the body!


Boron (from boric acid), double reverse osmosis water, fulvic acid, non-GMO sorbic acid

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