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Tenchi is truly special as the world's finest organic ceremonial matcha, its name inspired from the balance found between heaven and Earth. Only harvested once a year during the earliest part of spring, it is produced by the oldest and most famous tea farm in all of Japan. With well-balanced, sweet and full flavor otherwise found exclusively in non-organic matcha, Tenchi's cultivation requires that each stone-ground leaf receive the absolute highest level of attention — the perfect blend of ancient cultivation techniques and modern agricultural science. We're honored to be able to offer the world's best tasting organic matcha.


Due to the special farming techniques, the tea leaves focus their energy at the top of the tea plant to produce wider, greener tea leaves. This enhances the nutrition and nootropic properties, crafted to deliver more health benefits than any other organic matcha: Polyphenols Antioxidants L-theanine


Organic matcha green tea powder

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