Pureness Health | PK Hydrating Facial Toner with Rice Kasu & Rose Geranium | 200 ml

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PK Hydrating Facial Toner is a unique formula that helps to hydrate and smooth the skin. The special blend of Rice Kasu with Organic Witch Hazel Extract and Rose Geranium Essential Oil moisturizes, rejuvenates and prepares the skin for applying PK Nourishing Peptide Serum or PK Age-Defying Peptide Crème.


For all skin types
Moisturizing treatment that nourishes and brightens the skin
Protects skin with antioxidants
Effective in fading pigment spots from acne and sun damage


Rice Kasu, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, and Jojoba Oil, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Dehydroacetic Acid and Benzyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid.

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