Pureness Health | PK Nourishing Peptide Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Rice Kasu & Jasmine

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Nourishing Peptide Serum is made from natural or organic products and rich in peptides. This special formula contains beneficial ingredients, such as Rice Kasu, Hyaluronic Acid and plant extracts (Witch Hazel, Coix Seed, Grape Seed), to increase elasticity and hydrate skin for a youthful appearance. Our clinical formulation, along with the fermentation process in creating Rice Kasu, produces peptides for effective absorption. Hyaluronic Acid allows the skin to naturally restore moisture to the inner layers for anti-aging effects.


For all skin types
Increases elasticity and hydrates skin for youthful appearance
Allows skin to naturally restore moisture with rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid


Rice Kasu, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Organic Croix Seed Extract, and Jasmine Essential Oil

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