Prescia | Prescia Herbal Bamboo Vinegar Detox Foot Pads | 30 Pads

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CLEANSING & CARE: Our Bamboo Vinegar Cleansing foot pads are made to provide you with an all-natural and pure way to boost your natural defenses, cleanse your body to expel toxins via natural excretion and help you relax. By combining our Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads with herbs, fragrant oils, and healing gemstones, we give your body the care it needs to heal and revitalize itself naturally while you sleep.


(30 pcs) Quality Adhesives, All Natural Ingredients


Bamboo Vinegar, Wood Vinegar, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Chitin, Agaricus Blazei, Liquorice Leaf, Senna Leaf, Mint Extract

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