Valentia | Tea Tree Essential Oil | 4oz

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Valentia Tea Tree Essential Oil supports your overall health with an invigorating aroma that inspires a sense of clarity and well-being. Completely pure and natural, Valentia Tea Tree Essential Oil is made from the steam-distilled leaves of the coastal Melaleuca alternifolia tree.


Valentia Tea Tree Essential Oil nourishes and supports your overall well-being by:, Purifying the air and freshening your home, Cleansing and promoting a healthy skin barrier, Balancing the tone and texture of the skin, Promoting healthy skin cells, Reducing the appearance of scars and breakouts, Toning and cleansing skin naturally, Smoothing hair and adding shine, Hydrating dry skin on the scalp, Strengthening nails


100% natural Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil

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